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Why Recruitment Process outsourcing?

When it comes to recruiting, the natural first response for many companies is to have an internal HR team or an internal recruiter. There is nothing wrong with that, however, as the business grow, there are specific situations where a help from an external agency is needed to meet hiring goals.

What is RPO?

RPO is when your recruitment responsibility and process is outsourced to one external recruitment agency. From outsourcing the entire talent acquisition function to more of a hybrid approach where your internal team is working closely with the agency that brings expertise, scalability, efficiency, speed, and results to the business.

Is RPO the solution for you?

You are looking to grow  and need to hire large number of employees

Recruitment is in addition to your day job and you don’t have the capacity to handle current recruitment needs.

It is taking a long time to meet your hiring goals and positions are staying open for a long time.

You see a large % of candidates drop out after acceptance of offers.

You are struggling to get high-quality candidates

Your CV-to-interview ratio is poor

Your hiring managers are spending way too much time on interviewing and qualifying candidates.

You are working with a high number of recruitment agencies who are all following different processes and representing the business differently with varying success.

Even when faced with any of the above situations, it may still may make sense to work with internal teams only. However, more often than not, it makes sense to consider Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO).

RPO, as opposed to internal recruiting, can save 70-80% time. With the countless CV’s, candidate calls dealing with feedback and rejections RPO takes this away from the business and manages it in a positive and professional manner. As your RPO partner we may instruct other agencies however you will receive only one form of contact and one invoice, through us. We will ensure that all candidates received the right message about your company and are put through a consistent process.

With an RPO model, you get technical, specialist and global recruiters who can be parsing through applicants much quicker. You can focus on retaining talent. RPO brings local insights into the market, which gives you an added advantage in your talent acquisition process.

Strategically speaking, RPO can dissolve most of your recruitment woes. Recruitment taking your time away from the day job? Heavy revenue leakage? Lack of market insights? With RPO, you can give your talent acquisition process a well-defined structure, thus making it effective.