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Outplacement Services

Tough decisions have been made and you are releasing colleagues and friends from their jobs via redundancy.

Finding yourself out of a job in a pandemic where all the news is negative and terrifying can have a huge impact on the individual, their family and the reputation of your business.

 At Frankly Recruitment we can offer an outplacement service. Never more than now has the emotional well being of our employees  both internal and exiting been such a priority and responsibility. How your ex employees speak about you in the market place becomes the reputation of the business.

Road Map

The first thing a new job seeker needs is a map of the future. Working through the initial panic we can work to provide a clear plan with timescales and task list. 

When the door closes behind you, we can provide a compass and directions.

Practical Help

The internet is a great source of information but at Frankly Recruitment we can sit with the job seeker and create a CV that not only introduces them but sells them.  Job seeking has changed. We introduce job seekers to job boards, how to create a positive impression on line and the technology they will need.

Emotional Support

A new job seeker is usually frightened, overwhelmed and very emotional. By mentoring the job seeker we offer them regular contact by phone and video call,  When it's hard to see the woods for the trees we will comfort, empathise and simply be there to listen.


Everyone needs a cheer leader right now. We support in creating engaging and clear LinkedIn profiles.

Our core business is recruitment. We will market out and represent your ex employees in the market place ensuring your business is represented in a positive manner. 

Frankly Recruitment offers Outplacement services from £495 + VAT for 4 hours Zoom support and workshops from 1-10 people in attendance.

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